COVID-19 Statement





Our team at our Melbourne, FL dental practice is dedicated to ensuring we take all measures possible to create and maintain a safe and clean facility for you to receive the dental care you need and desire. In order to do so, we are continuing to follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American dental Association (ADA) guidelines closely as well as observing the COVID-19 situation.


We have always taken great pride in our standards of care, especially in infection control and safety protocols. Now through additional training, our skilled dental team has put updated processes in place to further safeguard you with advanced infection control protocols and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during your dental care visit with us. It is our goal to help you be able to experience worry-free, sterile dental care during this period of global concern.

The continued and elevated safety protocols implemented by our dental team include:

  • Necessary appointment rescheduling for patients with symptoms
  • Phone/In-office screenings, including temperature checks of patients and our staff
  • Glass barriers at the front desk
  • Limited spaced seating in the waiting room
  • No shared magazines or refreshment station
  • Continued use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette
  • Continuously cleaned and sanitized common areas

We would also like to address the WHO recommendation that was just released regarding dental offices. They recommended that patients should postpone procedures until cases decline and should avoid elective dental treatment. The ADA and FDA have issued a response to disagree, so we have started getting a lot of phone calls regarding patient safety, as well as cancellations. The ADA sent us some responses to these questions that we would like added to the COVID-19 banner. Please feel free to edit the wording or format on the page. I’ve included the 2 questions that most affect us:

Q: I read an article that said we should postpone non-essential procedures until cases of COVID-19 are in decline. Why is that different from what I’ve heard from your office?

A: The American Dental Association and the Florida Dental Association have provided guidance that it is safe for dental offices to treat patients as long as they’re using the proper protocols and personal protective equipment. For decades, dentists have been using the highest level of protocols to prevent the spread of infection. Since the onset of COVID-19, we have been implementing additional precautions to protect patients. To date, there have been no documented cases of COVID-19 being transmitted to or from patients in dental offices. This shows that our actions and our PPE are working. We will continue following the proved guidelines set forward by the American Dental Association and our state and federal governments to safely and effectively provide treatment.

Q: Is it okay if I want to postpone my dental care?

A: We want you to be comfortable and come to the office when you are ready, while ensuring that your dental care needs are met and that dental care problems don’t form due to postponed routine care. Postponing for months increases the opportunity for small problems to become big ones. Routine appointments allow for checking of several health conditions, which can be caught early. Some conditions, like tooth decay, can be more difficult, painful and expensive to treat if they’re left undetected. You health and safely is and always has been, our top priority. We are taking every precaution to limit the risk of COVID-19 transmission at your visit.

We understand that this is a difficult time and we greatly appreciate and value your trust in our practice. Our entire team continues to be committed to your safety during treatment at our facility, and we do so by monitoring the recommendations from the CDC and COVID-19 updates. We also encourage you to visit our Infection Control section in Patient Resources. You may also call us for a further discussion. We look forward to helping you preserve a healthy, beautiful smile!