WaterLase™ iPlus Laser Dentistry in Melbourne, FL

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WaterLase™ iPlus Laser Dentistry is one of the most advanced dental treatments available today. The WaterLase™ iPlus laser uses a patented technology that combines focused light energy with a stream of water for a highly precise, exceptionally gentle dental experience. WaterLase™ iPlus laser allows your dentist to perform a wide range of procedures with benefits including:

  • Faster healing time and less trauma to teeth and gums.

  • Less anesthetic for most procedures.

  • Treating dental needs in more than one part of the mouth in one visit.

  • Making dental care a more relaxing experience for you.



Dr. Sangiv I Patel is an experienced WaterLase™ iPlus laser Dentist. His experience is in the top 5% of providers for WaterLase™ in the Southeast United States.

Best Candidates

We may use WaterLase™ iPlus laser to treat your teeth, gums, bone or other soft tissues in your mouth to:

  • Improve your smile by contouring or shaping your gums with periodontal plastic surgery to improve the appearance of your smile – safely removing excess gum tissue that may give you a “gummy” smile, or make your front teeth appear irregular in size or shape.

  • Remove oral growths and excess tissue quickly and safely in your mouth including gum tissue over an unerupted tooth, small “tags” called papilla, and growths called fibromas.

  • Fix a “tongue tie” and/or prevent gum recession by releasing connections that restrict the movement of your tongue, cheek or lips and cause your gums to recede without a scalpel or stitches and less post-operative pain.

  • Treat periodontal disease by removing debris and bacteria between your teeth and gums that can cause bleeding gums, gum recession and even loss of teeth. For moderate to severe gum disease, ask your doctor about REPAIR minimally invasive periodontal treatment.

  • Treat endodontic (root canal) infections and can perform disinfection and cleaning, open dentinal tubules, decontaminate prior to obturation, pulpotomy, pulp extirpation, smear layer removal in the canal as well as surgical endodontics procedures such as apicoectomy. Using patented radial firing tips to deliver laser energy in a 360-degree cone within the canal, Waterlase can have a dramatic, positive impact on clinical outcomes for endodontics.

  • Treat Peri-implantitis and Infected implants with REPAIR minimally invasive protocol to remove diseased tissues, debris and bacteria between your implants and gums that can cause bleeding gums, gum recession and even loss of dental implants.

  • We may also use our WaterLase iPlus laser to perform other procedures that could benefit you.

What To Expect & How It Works

All patient experiences with WaterLase™ dentistry are more comfortable as procedures are performed without the heat, vibration, and pressure associated with the dental drill. It’s possible to use less anesthetic with better recovery and less healing time. It is more convenient, as procedures are performed faster and in a single visit. It’s possible to perform procedures once performed by specialists saving you even more time and money.

WaterLase™ dentistry which works by utilizing a patented technology that combines laser energy with a gentle stream of water for a highly precise, exceptionally gentle dental experience with Dr. Patel at his private practice, Sangiv I. Patel, D.D.S., PA. If you have endured pain or discomfort, are in poor dental health, or are experiencing the physical symptoms of oral disease, you could be a candidate to receive treatment with this groundbreaking technology. Like the other technologies we house at our location, such as the T-Scan™ Bite Analysis and the 3D Cone Beam CT scan, the results of your WaterLase™ dentistry will help Dr. Patel yield the best treatment results to remedy your dental disease. Contact our office if you think you could benefit from receiving WaterLase™ iPlus laser dentistry.


Once your WaterLase™ iPlus laser dentistry procedure is completed patients experience shorter recovery times when compared to traditional techniques. If it is determined by Dr. Patel, you may be required you to come in for additional follow-up appointments to appropriately assess your healing. After you have recovered from your WaterLase™ iPlus laser dentistry procedure, it is important that you continue to schedule your yearly dental examinations and twice-yearly cleanings at Dr. Patel's practice, Sangiv I. Patel, D.D.S., PA. This will allow him to continue to monitor your recovery and overall oral health.

Fees & Insurance Coverage

Typically, insurance coverage for WaterLase™ iPlus laser dentistry will vary so our office may contact your provider to determine your coverage and out-of-pocket costs. Whether you have dental insurance or not, Our Melbourne, FL facility accepts many payment methods, and we can also help you find low- interest dental financing if it is necessary, visit our Payments and Financing page for more information.

WaterLase™ iPlus

We will use the WaterLase™ to accurately treat a multitude of oral issues. If you find yourself experiencing various symptoms of oral disease such as decay, periodontal (gum) disease, root canal pain, oral growths, dental infections or even dental implant restorations or peri-implantitis, it is pertinent to receive treatment as soon as possible to prevent your condition and pain from worsening. At his Melbourne, FL facility, Dr. Sangiv Patel employs an impressive array of innovative technology that he will use to treat your oral ailments, among these technologies is WaterLase™ iPlus laser Dentistry. Contact us today to find out if WaterLase™ iPlus laser Dentistry is right for you.

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