Logicon Caries Detector Software in Melbourne, FL

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The Logicon™ is the only FDA approved software that can detect and verify active decay on digital radiographs (x-rays). With a few clicks, the Logicon™ detection software applies an algorithm on your digital radiographs (x-rays) so surfaces in between your teeth are tested to generate a graphic analysis of potential decay, helping Dr. Sangiv I. Patel verify if a suspicious lesion seen by the naked eye is of concern or in need of treatment.

Best Candidates

Patients of any age with any natural teeth are candidates to receive Logicon™ testing on digital x-rays taken in our practice. Patients with decay, older or failing restorations or sensitive teeth are ideal candidates. Logicon testing allows you to have the peace of mind that your decay or failing restorations will not be missed, hence this results in early diagnoses and more conservative treatment. It helps save your teeth.

What To Expect

Used since 2008 in our practice, Logicon™ is non-invasive and objectively focuses on surfaces that require further investigation to aid in diagnosing areas of decay and failing restorations. The software locates and classifies potential decay in between teeth. It saves and displays selected results for multiple high-risk surfaces on a single radiograph. It accurately shows information by indicating the penetration depth of caries and generates probability information on whether or not decay is present. It allows tracking classification and probability changes over a period of time with the ability to retrieve information about tooth density changes and lesion probability for each surface in graphical format. We can review results quickly and then store them for later use.


The results of your Logicon™ caries software testing will be provided when you receive your treatment plan consultation, so you will understand the results and any treatment options that are recommended.

Insurance Coverage

Typically, insurance coverage for Logicon™ caries software testing is dependent on your insurance coverage for digital radiographs (x-rays). This will vary from policy to policy so our office may contact your provider to determine your coverage and out-of-pocket costs. Whether you have dental insurance or not, Our Melbourne, FL facility accepts many payment methods, and we can also help you find low- interest dental financing if it is necessary, visit our Payments and Financing page for more information.

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