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With advances in the dental industry being made every day, it's no wonder why progressive dental practitioners are beginning to move on from the use of traditional 2D digital x-rays. Dr. Sangiv I Patel makes it a point to stay ahead of the game by employing 3D cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) technology at his Melbourne, FL practice, Sangiv I. Patel, D.D.S., PA. This state-of-the-art, focused field cranial cone beam CT technology provides Dr. Patel with highly accurate 3D radiographic images and digital slices of your mouth (teeth, gums, nerve pathways, and bone). This allows him to make effective diagnoses, assessments, treatment plans, and preparations for complex oral surgeries. These 3D images given by the cone-beam CT are more efficient than their 2D digital x-ray counterparts because, with 3D imaging, Dr. Patel's visual scope of your mouth increased exponentially. This enables him to observe a wider range of oral health issues or abnormalities that may exist.


Best Candidates

If you arrive at our Melbourne, FL office with a specific issue or concern, Dr. Patel may use his 3D cone beam CT technology to get a comprehensive viewing of your mouth. This will allow him to assess your problem as accurately as possible. He may also perform a 3D cone beam CT scan on your mouth before treatment planning for various procedures, such as dental implants, bone grafting, root canals, wisdom teeth removal, and periodontal surgery. The software also allows virtual surgical planning for dental implants to increase surgical accuracy and safety for you. This cone beam CT technology will allow him to approach each patient's situation and condition at multiple angles, ultimately selecting the treatment option that best meets their needs and expectations with the most effective output.

What to Expect & How It Works

Before the cone-beam CT scan is performed, Dr. Patel will ask you to remove any jewelry or accessories that could potentially interfere with the reading. During the scan, an x-ray beam that is shaped like a cone circles around you, producing high-quality images of your mouth. These will allow Dr. Patel to assess your oral health and effectively prepare for an oral procedure.

Because the cone-beam CT imaging machine exposes you to an amount of radiation, the patient should be conscious of the amount of radiation that the specific CBCT machine emits per scan. A downloadable PDF is available for a comparison of different machines. Second, it's important to minimize the radiation exposure the patient receives with each scan. The patient should request a focused field of view machine. Dr. Patel can accomplish this by focusing the scan on the area of concern, such as the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) if you experience jaw clicking or popping, rather than performing a full scan of the mouth. Third, the patient should request a high-resolution image at 76 microns to ensure the greatest clarity for the best diagnosis and without an increase in the amount of radiation exposure.

If you have endured pain or discomfort, are in poor dental health, or are experiencing the physical symptoms of oral disease, you could be a candidate to receive a diagnosis with this revolutionary technology. Like the other technologies we house at our location, such as the T-Scan™ Bite Analysis and the Intra Oral Cameras, the results of your 3D cone beam CT scan will help Dr. Patel yield accurate diagnosis allowing him to plan the best treatment options to remedy your dental disease. Contact our office if you think you could benefit from receiving a 3D cone beam CT scan.


Based on what is observed from the results of your 3D cone beam CT scan, Dr. Patel will either move forward with creating a treatment plan to address your needs and concerns or plan your oral surgery accordingly. You will not experience any pain from the cone beam CT scan, and you will be able to return to your daily routine following your exam. If any additional appointments are required for your treatment process, they will be scheduled accordingly at our office.

Fees & Insurance Coverage

Typically, insurance coverage for a 3D cone beam CT scan will vary so our office may contact your provider to determine your coverage and out-of-pocket costs. Whether you have dental insurance or not, Our Melbourne, FL facility accepts many payment methods, and we can also help you find low- interest dental financing if it is necessary, visit our Payments and Financing page for more information.

3D Cone Beam CT

There are many benefits to the utilization of the advanced 3D cone beam CT technology at our office. The scan provides an incredibly accurate and wide-scope view of your mouth, allowing for effective diagnoses and treatment planning. Just as well, it can provide Dr. Sangiv Patel with much more information than a conventional 2D scan. If you are experiencing a dental issue of any kind, contact our Melbourne, FL location so we can assess your concerns and give you the treatment you deserve.

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