Could Your Jaw Popping Be Something More Serious?

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Jaw popping is a painful condition that can make you feel uncomfortable. You may also notice an annoying clicking sound when you talk or chew, which is another sign that the joints in your jaw are eroding. These symptoms of temporomandibular joint or TMJ pain could be a condition called temporomandibular joint dysfunction or disorder that could lead to more severe concerns if left untreated. Sangiv I. Patel, D.D.S., PA in Melbourne, FL uses the latest in technology and the most advanced equipment in TMJ therapy to diagnose your condition and relieve your pain. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sangiv I Patel to find out more.

What causes the jaw popping sound?

TMJ pain and jaw popping occur when you frequently do things like clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth, or keep thrusting your jaw out. People who frequently chew gum may also be likely to experience jaw popping.

The condition occurs as the TMJ experiences excess wear, which causes the joint to erode. The TMJ connects the jawbone to the skull and will impact your ability to chew and talk. The jaw popping is a sign that the TMJ isn’t working properly.

People with sleep apnea are often likely to experience jaw popping, as the TMJ constantly moves while you are asleep. The shifting of the joint can limit how much air moves through the throat as you’re sleeping.

Can jaw popping lead to other problems?

You could also experience many serious medical concerns if you don’t seek treatment for your TMJ pain and jaw popping, including dislocation of the jaw that can lead to numbness or bruising in the area. Your teeth may also become misaligned to where you could experience an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or other alignment issues.

Your sleep apnea could also become worse if you don’t treat your TMJ pain. You may experience fatigue during the day if you’re constantly waking up at night to catch your breath.

How can Dr. Patel treat your condition?

You can contact Dr. Patel for assistance in resolving your pain through TMJ therapy. Dr. Patel can conduct a joint vibration analysis test to review how your joint operates, plus electromyography or EMG can help analyze muscle contractions. A bite analysis may also be necessary for checking if your teeth are aligned well.

Dr. Patel can also provide suitable recommendations based on your needs. You may be recommended a soft food diet or relaxation exercises to keep you comfortable. Some medications to relax your muscles and ease inflammation or pain may also help.

You can learn more about how your mouth is working and if something is causing your jaw pain during an annual dental exam. Dr. Patel can review your teeth and bite and determine if they are healthy or if there are any issues that require treatment as soon as possible.

Visit Dr. Patel to treat your TMJ pain today

TMJ pain can be bothersome, and the jaw popping sounds you experience can be unsettling. Don’t leave these issues untreated. Dr. Sangiv I Patel can help treat your TMJ pain. Visit Sangiv I. Patel, D.D.S., PA in Melbourne, FL to learn more about TMJ therapy and how it can resolve your pain. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Patel today.

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